Another Day Dawns is a high-energy hard rock band from Lehighton, Pennsylvania. The band started out in 2010, with drummer Nick McGeehan and guitarist Tyler Ritter learning classic rock covers. The addition of frontman Dakota McGeehan would mark their evolution into a full-on original act, writing music at a breakneck pace. The trio quickly generated buzz across the northeast Pennsylvania scene, earning opening slots for Fuel, Sammy Hagar, Godsmack, Puddle of Mudd, Trapt, and many more.  Another Day Dawns even toured with Austin John Winkler, formerly of Hinder, in October 2017.  Most recently the band was a finalist in the national NeXt2rock competition and played the legendary Viper Room in LA as one of five finalists.  Through years of non-stop show booking, the band cultivated a strong, loyal fan base.

Fresh off these shows, a chance encounter in 2016 at a local music conference introduced the band to Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum engineer/producer David Ivory (Halestorm, Silvertide, The Roots). Quickly they began work on new material, one of which would become the band's debut single "Love She's After", mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound and released on Ivory's label Flexitone Records in early January 2017.


After going through several bassists in the past few years, the newest addition to top off the band's lineup would be Livi Dillon.  Ever since the band found Livi in the Spring of 2017, they have been writing non-stop, hoping to release new material as soon as possible.  However, the band would not let writing keep them from playing shows every week, especially not as they signed to M7 Booking Agency in April 2017.  So while they are writing new material, keep your eye out for shows all along Northeast America!

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